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SYSTEMA Israel/ Sharon Friedman/ Making FRIENDS with FEAR

Sharon Friedman is a world-class Systema practitioner, based in Israel. In Mach 2019 Sharon came over for giving a seminar in the German headquarter of "BALANCE ATHLETICS" in Frankfurt. The working title of the seminar with rope and chain was "Making friends with fear".

From my point of view Sharon has a deep understanding about fundamental principles regarding the intelligence of body. His concept is not to find a solution for an upcoming problem. This is the common way in martial arts. As an example how Sharon teaches, look up min 10:45: In a situation which at the first look appears hopeless (with rope around the neck), the awareness should not go to where the problem is. The question in this case is not: "What can I do against my opponent"? No, the question is: "Where am I free"? And: "Where can I release tension"? Then the next step is to move wherever the space has opened up for movement.

Going this path has no more the character of fighting against someone. It is more about "remaining with yourself". A very interesting way of practicing martial arts.

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