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SYSTEMA/ Menamy Mitanes/ Interview with Thorsten Schoo

On January 27th 2020 another world-class SYSTEMA martial artist came to Thorstens BALANCE ATHLETICS (BA) headquarter in Frankfurt/ Germany. Menamy Mitanes, official Systema Instructor, located in Los Angeles, gave a seminar and then the interview with deep thoughts about his personal growth and path in the world of martial arts. Thorsten Schoo, professional martial arts instructor, did the interview. Thorsten is the founder of Balance Athletics. What I personally like about Menamy. He is a sympathetic, open-minded person. Not showing-off. Physically he is not build like Arnold Schwarzenegger. BUT the way he moves is special. He has an outstanding sense for timing and position. Thus he most of all times finds his ideal position permitting him to remain in the driver seat. Menamy creates an harmonious training atmosphere and he is able to explain the learning steps in the Systema martial arts in a clear and easily understandable way. Nice!

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