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Systema/ Martin Wheeler/ Consciousness

Aktualisiert: 11. März 2020

The idea of this film is to study the consciousness and motivation of people interested in Martial Arts. But the film is equally addressed to "normal people" as to “professionals”.

Martin Wheeler is a Martial Arts specialist with intensive street fighting experience. Martin belongs to the world leading experts in Systema, a form of Russian Martial Arts. For more information visit www.wheelersystema.com

In a philosophically way Martin shares this views and interpretation on fears and motivations of Martial Arts practitioners, fighters, and aggressive people. He then explains where the benefits are to train Martial Arts- also for “normal people”. Martin came over in September 2018 to Frankfurt/ Germany giving the seminar “From soft work to street fight”.

The seminar was organised together with Thorsten Schoo, being his student and himself also instructing Systema in his Martial Arts school Frankfurt. For more information visit: www.systemaschule.de

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